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tstml10Your pound cakes are delicious and your cake list variety is awesome!
Sharon Few – Springfield, Virginia

“David, we tried your lemon loaf pound cake and all I have to say is WOW! The pound cake was bursting with flavor and we could not stop eating it.
We left it on the counter inside the box and after around 4 days the outside started to get just a little crunchy, but the inside stayed moist and tender. We liked it this way and felt it was even better than new. After a week, we then heated slices in the microwave just a touch, and it still tasted fresh. We found 10 days on the counter with no preservatives is a great shelf life. One cake lasted the two of us for over a week and a half.
Every bite is full of flavor and you can taste they are homemade with no preservative’s. We both felt your pound cake was worth every penny. Thank you for sharing your delicious family recipes.”

Patrick – Bellbrook, Ohio

“Your pound cakes are of high quality, delicious and authentic!”
Brenda – Columbus, Ohio

“The cake was really good. I hope my next cake will be lemon flavor w/lemon glaze”
Ralf – Dayton, Ohio

“Premium pound cakes have that delicious old fashion pound cake taste. We won’t be baking pound cakes for our family reunion any more. We are going to have David bake them from now on!”
Shelly – Columbus, Ohio

“The cake was very good”
Lorain – Dayton, Ohio

“The cakes are just good! What more can I say, other than, I recommend them to every pound cake lover.”
Mark Security Co. – Dayton, Ohio

flv30“I have had two different pound cakes and their supper pound cupcakes. Their slogan is true: Pound for pound they are the best!”
Colonel John Mitchell – Dayton, Ohio

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