About Us

Hi, my name is David. Making pound cakes and playing golf are my two Favorite things to do. When I was a very small boy I enjoyed helping my Grandmother make pound cakes. I would go with her to the neighboring dairy farm and purchase fresh milk; take it home and churn it to make fresh butter for use in making pound cakes.

I liked making the butter but what I liked best, was licking the left over cake batter from the mixing bowl. This was always during the summer months when our family reunion was held. There were always a lot of people and a lot of different pound cake flavors for all the various tastes. Achieving the best flavor for each type of cake is, and always has been, my primary objective. For me: There is no shortage of conversation when it comes to baking pound cakes and flavor profiles. This was instilled in me as a young boy.

At Premium Pound Cakes we hand make every single cake in our home kitchen, from scratch. We do not use preservatives. We bake our delicious recipe pound cakes fresh and rush them quickly to your home; so you can have homemade flavor delivered right to your door. I hope you enjoy my delicious made from scratch pound cakes, as much as I like making them for you. For me: It’s all about the taste.

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